Warewash Products

With the high cost of labor and utilities, there is pressure to perform at a maximum efficiency.

PDQ's products were designed to yield the maximum cleanliness for the minimum cost. Our concentrated products are designed to effectively clean without damage.

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Mechanical Ware Wash Detergents
pdfEcoFirst Solid Mechanical Detergent - DfE Approved Solid Mechanical Detergent
pdfGlisten XL - Heavy Duty Solid Mechanical Detergent
pdfGlisten - Solid Mechanical Detergent
pdfEnviro Champ - Heavy Duty Encapsulated Machine Detergent
pdfForce - High Performance Mechanical Detergent
pdfPower Champ - Heavy Duty Auto-Feed Mechanical Detergent
pdfMetalist - Metal Safe Auto-Feed Detergent
pdfSelect - Heavy Duty Metal Safe Auto-Feed Detergent
pdfKnockout - Heavy Duty Chlorinated Mechanical Detergent
pdfSuper Punch
 - Metal Safe Mechanical Detergent
pdfEcoFirst Enviro Mechanical Detergent - DfE Approved Liquid Mechanical Detergent
pdfLazer - Heavy Duty Liquid Mechanical Dish Wash
pdfExtra - All Temperature Machine Warewashing Detergent Concentrate
pdfPan Wash - Heavy Duty Non Chlorinated Mechanical Detergent

Rinse Additives
pdfEcoFirst Crystal Rinse - DfE Approved Rinse Aid/Drying Agent
pdfEcoFirst Crystal Solid Rinse - DfE Approved Solid Warewash Drying Agent
pdfNo Spot - Concentrated Warewash Drying Agent
pdfPremier - Heavy Duty Rinse Additive
pdfSolid No Spot - Solid Warewash Drying Agent

Multi-Temp Products
pdfMTD - Multi-Temp Detergent
pdfMTR - Multi-Temp Rinse Additive
pdfLTS - Low Temp Liquid Chlorine Sanitizer

ConQuest System Products (For Foodservice and Warewashing)
pdfPower Clean Extra (#20) -
Super Concentrated Mechanical Detergent
pdfAll Temp Detergent (#23) - All Teim Mechanical Dish Detergent 
pdfPower Green (#24) - DfE Approved Mechanical Warewash Detergent 
pdfRinse Clear Drying Agent (#26) - Concentrated Drying Agent and Rinse Additive
pdfRinse Clear HW (#27) - Heavy Duty Rinse Additive for Hard Water
pdfEnviro Rinse (#28) -
DfE Approved Rinse Aid/Drying Agent
pdfLTS (#30) - Low Temp Liquid Chlorine Sanitizer
pdfElite Manual Detergent (#35) - Super Concentrated Manual Detergent
pdfQ-San (#31) - Concentrated Quat Sanitizer
pdfFlatware Presoak (#36) - Alkaline Flatware Presoak
pdfFoaming Emulsifier (#76) - High Active Cleaner for Food Plants/Supermarkets

Presoaks and Detarnishers
pdfEcoFirst Safe Soak - DfE Approved Solid Flatware Presoak & Detarnisher
pdfReward Solid - Solid Flatware Presoak
pdfReward - Liquid Flatware Presoak and Silver Detarnisher
pdfBrilliant - Liquid Flatware Presoak
pdfSoakit - Powdered Flatware Presoak and Silver Detarnisher
pdfUltrex - Encapsulated Powdered Presoak and Silver Detarnisher
pdfDecarbonizer  - Decarbonizer for Soaking Pots & Pans
pdfOxy Clean Non-Chlorinated Destainer

pdfEcoFirst Lime Safe - DfE Approved Lime Scale Remover
pdfSocket - Heavy Duty Scale and Film Remover
pdfRapid - Delimer/Descaler
pdfComplex - All Purpose Scale and Film Remover

pdfQ-Rinse - Sanitizer
pdfSani-Clean - Disinfectant-Cleaner-Detergent-*Virucide-Fungicide-Mildewstat

Fryer/Oven/Grill Cleaners
pdfGriddle Klean - Super Action Oven and Griddle Cleaner
pdfFoaming Oven Cleaner - Super Action Oven and Griddle Cleaner
pdfEcoFirst Grill Solv - DfE Approved Liquid Griddle Cleaner
pdfBanish - Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner
pdfMetal Safe Fryer CleanerDeep Fat Fryer Cleaner
pdfCombi Clean - Premium Combination Oven Detergent/Degreaser
pdfCombi Rinse - Premium Combination Oven Rinse/Neutralizer

Kitchen Specialties
pdfSlide - Conveyor Lubricant for Trays and Plastic Cases
pdfZero Kleen - Freezer Floor Cleaner