What we do

Our focus is manufacturing detergent products for distributors that support programs for Ware Washing, Food Service and Laundry applications.

We accomplish this with:

  • Market Leading Products
  • Aggressive Pricing
  • Product Development
  • Technical Support
  • Unmatched Service
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EcoFirst Cleaning Solutions


Don’t Sacrifice Performance or Profits!

With PDQ’s EcoFirst line of performance cleaners, you can offer your customers products that are environmentally focused and competitively priced to non-environmental cleaners

About Us

PDQ Means Price, Delivery, Quality

It's our name and our philosophy. We are committed to developing innovative cleaning products that increase productivity and improve cost effectiveness for end users.

  • Our in-house technical experts are constantly looking for solutions to meet the needs of professional food service and laundry operations.
  • Our manufacturing experts continue to develop processes and procedures that ensure product consistency and cleaning effectiveness.
  • Our logistics experts are always improving the flow of materials and products to help each customer achieve maximum productivity.